Certification Training

ITI conducts certification exam prep courses for a variety of certifications and qualifications. Most courses include prep for written and practical examinations for the certification of crane operators, riggers, signalpersons, and inspectors.

mobile crane operator certification
mobile crane operator certification

Mobile crane operator certification is offered at ITI Training Centers and at client locations. ITI conducts crane operator certification training and examination for many of the world's greatest organizations including NOAA, BP, and BHP Billiton.

signalperson & rigger certification
cic signalperson rigger training

Signalperson & rigger certification training has become more relevant in the past few years as employers are looking for ways to prove competency and qualification of their employees. ITI conducts these programs for many clients at ITI Training Centers, client locations, and online.

mobile crane inspection
mobile crane inspection

The mobile crane inspection training curriculum consists of a multitude of subjects that prepare a participant to conduct comprehensive mobile crane inspections. A three year ITI Qualification is issued to participants who successfully pass the written and practical evaluation.

overhead crane operator certification
overhead crane operator training

The NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator one-day course is built to prepare overhead crane operators to take the NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator Exam.

rigging gear inspector training
rigging gear inspection training

Rigging inspector training courses focus heavily on hoist rope, slings, rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices. ITI conducts this course for many of the world's great organizations including Siemens, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the US Air Force.